These Breakfast Foods Can Bloat Your Belly All Day

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Nobody likes to feel bloated. It can make the simplest physical activities very difficult to perform. However, there are some breakfast foods out there that can exacerbate the issue of a bloated belly and can make this nasty issue last an entire day. Steer clear of this problem and avoid these breakfast foods that cause bloating.


Whether it’s your whole wheat breakfast toast or your frosted wheat, don’t eat wheat in your breakfast. Wheat has a tendency to make people bloat due to its high gluten count,  so it’s best to steer clear from this bloat-inducing breakfast food.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Maybe you like throwing a few veggies into your omelet. Maybe some broccoli for a bit of fiber. Well, cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and cabbage contain FODMAPs, chemicals which cause the bloating.


Rye toast with a slab of butter and an egg may sound like a good breakfast but it causes bloating. This is because rye falls into the cereal grain category, meaning that it is related to wheat, and as mentioned above wheat causes bloating. Rye is not nearly as intense a bloating experience as wheat, but it does still cause bloating due to high fiber and gluten content.


Dairy is perhaps the quintessential breakfast food. Cottage cheese, yogurt parfaits, cheese on omelets, the butter used in so many breakfast dishes, and of course the milk that you drown your cereal in. However, this tasty breakfast food category is fraught with bloat-inducing flaws. Why? Milk has lactose and lactose causes bloating because the human body has difficulty breaking it down. Given that milk is the central ingredient in all of the world’s dairy products, it is more than likely these delectable dairy foods will inevitably cause some amount of bloating.

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