Food Based Blood Thinners (heart healthy)

Homemade red pepper sauce.

We all know that blood thinners can help decrease the risk of strokes and heart attacks but, unfortunately, many people are skeptical about using this medicine. Those looking for treatment can look towards their kitchen where certain foods can aid in keeping your blood flowing smoothly.

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne peppers aren’t something people casually munch on when they’re hanging out at home. This pepper is one of the hottest around. Aside from being a solid blood thinner, cayenne peppers can also boost your metabolism. These peppers are also great are reducing physical pain.

Dong Quai

Originating in China, dong quai has been used in the region as medicine for thousands of years. The herb has the ability to slow down the process of blood clots. Dong quai can be used as part of tea, and it also can be eaten. It’s also great at reducing constipation and allergic attacks.


Garlic is in nearly everyone’s kitchen today. This plant can give food a stronger taste, but it can also help your blood flow. While eating garlic raw seems odd, it’s completely safe. In fact, eating garlic raw can help improve your immunity and keep blood sugar levels normal.


Stemming from plants, ginger spice has been used in food and medicine. Ginger features the natural acid salicylate, which is often found in aspirin. Aside from blood thinning, ginger can aid chronic indigestion and help prevent osteoarthritis. Ginger is also able to prevent various forms of cancer via gingerol.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is found in food such as mango, kiwis, and tomatoes. While Vitamin E is a powerful blood thinner, it’s important to use this in small doses. Too much Vitamin E can lead to severe bleeding. If you’re looking for Vitamin E on the go, supplements are available at supermarkets.

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