Is It Bad To Wear Socks To Bed?

cropped shot of couple in warm woolen socks lying in bed together at home

When it comes to sleeping, many people have their nightly routines. One thing that has always been a hot debate is whether or not socks should stay on. Fortunately, wearing socks while sleeping is good for you in various ways.

It Can Reduce Menopause

Menopause is one of the most uncomfortable things older women go through. Through hot flashes and mood swings, this specific time isn’t kind for anyone. Menopause also makes it harder for women to gain a decent night’s sleep. Wearing socks in bed can help kickstart vasodilation. Through vasodilation, blood vessels become wide, which helps reduce blood pressure. This means hot flashes won’t be present during your sleep.

You Get Faster Sleep

Having socks can help you go to sleep at a faster rate. One 2007 study determined wearing socks can speed up the process by 15 minutes. This is done with the assist of the body’s temperature. At night, a normal body’s temperature will drop by a few degrees. Warming up the feet with socks will trick the body into thinking it’s at its normal rate. With a decent temperature, you’ll be able to sleep longer, too.

It Diminishes Raynaud’s Disease

Yearly, there are 200,000 reported cases of Raynaud’s disease in the United States. This rare disorder can damage blood vessels when the person is feeling cold. Many people with Raynaud’s disease have found themselves with ulcers as a result. Wearing socks can prevent Raynaud’s disease from occurring. People with this condition will have to keep their feet covered at all times.

It Improves Your Skin

People with dry feet will often use a moisturizer to replenish their skin. This doesn’t always work when there’s a lot of walking during the day, though. For the best results, moisturize your feet at night before putting on socks. The socks will speed up the process for better skin.

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