Boost Female Sex Drive With THESE Foods


Aside from taking medications that have an entire laundry list of side effects, there hasn’t been much help for women with a low libido. But fear not because certain foods can boost a woman’s sex drive—no pills required!

  1. Green Tea

Rich in catechins, green tea is a lust promotor because these compounds actually boost blood flow to your love nest while also increasing the size of the blood vessels by making them release nitric oxide. Catechins also make the liver turn fat into energy faster, which is great news if you’re looking to slim down around your middle.

  1. Spinach

Spinach already contains compounds that suppress your appetite, but it also is packed chock full of magnesium. This mineral is great for decreasing inflammation in the blood vessels, which helps everything flow better. If you’re wondering why increased blood flow in the nether regions is good news, look to sex expert and psychotherapist Tammy Nelson, Ph.D., who says that, “Women will find it is easier to have an orgasm, and men will find that erections come more naturally.”

  1. Burgers and Steaks

It may sound strange, but red meat is packed with iron, and if you are iron deficient, it can make you feel exhausted and irritated–both of which are not very sexy. Iron deficiencies are more common than you might think, so if you’re feeling weak and wondering where your energy went, you may want to have your blood levels checked. Other foods that are rich in iron are liver, other kinds of grass-fed red meats, and spinach. Combining these foods with yogurt that is filled with probiotics, an L-glutamine supplement, and/or fatty fish can help you absorb iron more efficiently.

  1. Pesto

Zinc is a great way to boost your libido, and pesto—made with zinc-filled pine nuts—is a great way to start your fire. Zinc is also found in oysters, which have been proven to increase sex drive in women.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Flavonoids are where it’s at when it comes to relaxing the blood vessels and reducing stress, and dark chocolate is a delicious way to increase your intake of flavonoids. Another great trait of flavonoids is that they help to reduce body fat, which is a nice confidence-booster in the bedroom.

  1. Red Wine

Don’t be afraid to have a glass or two of red wine to juice up for the big event. Red wine will relax you and also give your libido a boost, studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine show. The reason is that, like some of the other foods mentioned on this list, the antioxidants in red wine trigger the production of nitric acid in the bloodstream, which will promote the flow to your nether regions. Just be sure not to overdo it. You don’t want to strike out before the game even starts!

  1. Coffee

Recently released studies show that, in animals, females who drank coffee were more likely to engage in sex, and also more likely to repeat sex after a brief rest than animals who didn’t consume the bean-based brew. As with the red wine—just be sure not to overdo it, or you might be too jittery to engage in romantic relations.

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