5 Filthy Places In Homes That Can Make Us Sick

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A house is expected to be clean, safe and hygenic. It’s the last place anyone would think to get sick. Most people keep their places in the best condition possible. However, there are still places in a person’s own home that can get them sick. Here are five of those places.

Pet Bowls and Toys

This one sounds obvious. Animals are not the cleanest, they play around outside and ingest many unmentionables whether it’s droppings from the outdoors or a little drink from the family toilet bowl. It’s no surprise that their belongings carry mold, yeast, and staph. Wash them regularly, as these objects will be the germiest in the house.


Whether it’s in the laundry basket or mildewy clothes forgotten in the washer, the laundry room can get you sick. Germs like to manifest in icky, wet places. Keep healthy and make sure the clothes are thrown in the dryer ASAP.

Can Openers

This is a less obvious choice. A can opener isn’t a likely candidate for harboring the bad bacteria, or so it seems, but can openers come in contact with a lot of food. Nasty illness-causing things will stick to the can opener if it’s not washed, so make sure to run it through the dishwasher each time it’s used.


As much as the bathtub is scraped and scoured, germs can still hide in the grout and other hard to reach spaces. Other than the bacteria left over from the previous wash, there is still dead skin cells and soap scum to worry about.

Makeup Bags

It may come as a surprise to some, but makeup bags carry a lot of germs perfect for causing facial infections, especially in the eyes. Mites and other microorganisms live on the eyelashes and will attach to the lash combs and the like. Be sure to wash in alcohol for extra deep cleaning.

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