5 Affordable Ways To Protect Your Home

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One fear all homeowners have is the possibility of burglars breaking into their homes. According to studies, nearly half of homeowners don’t have any sort of security system. If you’re looking to save some money while protecting your home, these five tips will help you out.

Purchase A Tiny Safe

Sometimes, burglars can get past the security system and take away some important things. To protect things close to you, store them in a small safe. Be sure to place the safe in a hidden area in the home for more protection. You can purchase a durable safe for around $100.

Protect Your Mail

Mail theft can mean having your personal information in the wrong hands. The Postal Inspection Service recently said mail theft grew 600% over the past three years. To protect your mail, install a security mailbox, which allows you to grab mail via a key.

Keep The Garage Opener Close To You

A portion of drivers will place the garage opener in their car for quick access. Many times, the garage holds some of the most valuable items. Unfortunately, a burglar can walk away with some precious items if they break into your car. Be sure to keep the garage opener close to you and not on your driveway where your car is parked overnight.

Place Motion Detector Lighting

Motion detector lighting has scared off many burglars in the past. One step on your porch and a bright light will show up. You can also purchase indoor lighting that goes off at random times. This gives burglars the idea that you’re up and walking around.

Buy A Doorbell Camera

Peepholes are a thing of the past with modern doors. If you want to see who’s at the door, purchase a smart doorbell camera. These cameras range from $50 to $100. Some smart doorbells have the ability to record, which can be extremely helpful if something were to arise.

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